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Updated: Aug 16, 2018


Seeking God’s “hand” is a more common and basic form of prayer, because there are so many circumstances in life, when we need His hand to do something - that only the power of God can do. But seeking His “face” is better still. First, let’s find it in the Bible.

Look with me at God’s reply to Solomon’s prayer, at the dedication of the Temple. 2 Chronicles 7:14 names seeking God’s face as one of four things that believers must do if the Church is to experience true revival, forgiveness and healing. This involves seeking Him with the whole heart. We cannot seek God’s face in prayer, therefore, if we speak to Him“casually,” and with only partial sincerity and honesty.

Seeking God’s face means that we hunger to know Him more personally, and that we will settle for nothing less. It means we have reached the place where we understand the value, the blessing and the importance of knowing and thanking Him for Who He is. At times, it may mean that we are silent before Him without speaking a word.

There is an urgency that comes with prayer that seeks God’s face. It is prayer that tells Him we must be with Him, now! It is prayer that is more interested in being in His presence than in receiving anything that He can give or do. We turn toward Him, and keep on going until we meet Him.

Prayer that seeks God’s face means that, sometimes, we never make it to our “want list” because what we want most, is to fellowship with and enjoy Him. It means that we see His face in Jesus – the Sacrifice and the Substitute – Who said, “He who has seen Me has seen the Father.”

I strongly encourage you, then, to learn and practice prayer that seeks God's face. Let this be your prayer focus this week, and in the years to come!

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