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Praise for Rick Astle – Books & Speaking

“Never in recent history has there been such a great need for believers to unite their hearts together in holy, passionate, one-accord prayer that is Christocentric. By using this His Prayers and Mine, believers are challenged to study devotionally for one entire calendar year on the subject of prayer from a biblical and Christ-centered perspective. Such a study should prove invaluable in the development of a life of consistent biblical prayer that is focused on Jesus and His mission.” (Excerpt from the Foreword)                                                         - J. Chris Schofield, PhD
“Rick Astle’s book, His Prayers and Mine, is a powerful teaching tool written to help guide and challenge the reader into a closer relationship with the Master through biblically-based prayer and following the example of Jesus—who literally taught His disciples how to pray. Find new joy and power in praying as you learn from Jesus Himself in this wonderful devotional commentary.”
                                                                              - Phyllis Elliott Elvington 
                                                                            Christian Speaker & Author 
“Prayer is the Lifeline to abiding in Christ. Everything we can do to encourage our people to pray has to be priority with pastors. Thank-you Rick for this valuable resource to help our people be challenged each day of the year to focus and spend time with our LORD in prayer. I have discovered through over 40 years of ministry there is nothing more important than time in God’s Word and time in prayer. This book is a helpful tool in helping us equip and encourage our people.”
                                                                        - Rev. Michael Barrett, Pastor
                                                              Pleasant Garden Baptist Church, NC
“Rick’s love for the Lord, passion for prayer, heart for people, delightful sense of humor and easy-going manner make it possible for him to clearly communicate profound and sometimes convicting biblical truth in a gentle manner.  In the months since our prayer conference, we have seen the fruit of Rick’s labor among us. Our church family has been transformed into a mobilized prayer team moving through our city looking for opportunities to pray for people.  The blessings have now spilled out of our church and onto the other churches in the city as I’ve shared my own prayer stories with other pastors. The impact of all our praying is now producing profound changes in our city.  I am profoundly grateful that God led me to Rick Astle and him to our church. To God be the glory.”      
                                                                                     – Pastor Tom Marcum
                                                           Petaluma Valley Baptist Church, CA
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